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Men's Club

From scholarships to social events to community outreach, we are proud supporters of our parish and school.

What started as a social club more than a decade ago has evolved into an important organization for the Our Lady of Mount Carmel community. The Men's Club is proud to host a recurring dinner every second Thursday of the month in the school year. Attendees must be 21 and up, as adult drinks are served. The food is delicious and from across the spectrum. The drinks are top-shelf and served with a side of sarcasm.

The hat is passed to support worthy causes like student scholarships, school and church improvements, and the well-being of our retired Persons of the Cloth.

Come at least once, because your first time is free! After that it's $20 per person. That's a DEAL given the quality of the fare served. See you at our next event, and thank you for supporting our school, our church, and our Redwood City community.