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The Rite of Christian Burial (Funerals)

Funeral arrangements are generally made with the family in conjunction with the Mortuary/Funeral Home the family has chosen. The usual procedure is that the church communicates with the Funeral Director (who is in contact with a family member) in scheduling the date and time for the funeral services. After that, the priest contacts the family member in charge to discuss any other details concerning the funeral.

While we are flexible about the arrangements and wish to accommodate the family’s wishes, funerals must, of course, fit into the regular Mass schedule of the church and the availability of the priest. We strongly prefer not to do Saturday funeral Masses. Weekdays, Monday – Friday, are the preferred days, and some time between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. fits in best with our daily Mass schedule. For Vigils, Monday to Friday evenings around 7:00 p.m. would be the preferred days and times.

It is generally expected that a Funeral Mass (a Requiem Mass) would include music, as music is essential to the liturgy. There are excellent musicians, both keyboardists and singers on our staff who minister regularly at our liturgies. We can provide contact information for these musicians.

Any funeral wreaths brought to the church must be removed by the Mortuary directly after the funeral. Outside of the Lenten Season, regular floral arrangements in vases or greenery in pots may be donated to the church if the family chooses to do so.