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Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish is a Christ-centered community in the Roman Catholic tradition. We try to share the Good News of salvation with others. As a diverse community, we value and respect individual differences. As God’s people, we gather in the Spirit to pray, to celebrate the sacraments, to teach, to learn, to console, to rejoice, to minister and to renew our faith with one another.

In order to carry out the mission of the Church, the cooperation of all its parish members is required. We cooperate by offering our time, our talent and our treasure. In other words, we rely on the many hours of time that our members offer through their service to the ministries and organizations here at Mount Carmel. We depend on people’s offer of their God-given talent as choir members, catechists, economic and administrative advisors and in so many other ways. And of course we cannot function without the financial support of our parishioners.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel provides many thousands of dollars of charitable help and volunteer hours to the needy here and around the world through our Second Collections and through our various organizations. The upkeep of the parish, its buildings, its gardens, the support of the clergy and the staff, and the administration of the sacraments all require funds.

Gifts can be made through the regular Sunday collections, through the use of the parish envelopes we provide, through on-line giving (the VanCo company is our provider) and automatically through one’s bank. However one chooses to give, the most important thing to remember is that our Lord God blesses with abundance all those who cheerfully offer of what they have and that our goodness to others returns to us in innumerable ways.